Scan/VRS profiles

Use Scan/VRS profiles to store common scanner, normalization, binarization, conversion and image perfection settings for reuse.

You can also configure advanced eVRS settings to further enhance the image quality, which includes cropping, de-skewing, de-speckling, advanced binarization and more.

Note Kofax eVRS is an image enhancement tool that is used to enhance the quality of images.

TotalAgility provides a default Scan/VRS profile. You can edit the default profile or create additional profiles. You can associate a Scan/VRS profile with a capture-enabled process or use it in scan interfaces, on phone devices, in upload scenarios and more.

Interaction of Scan/VRS profiles and Web Capture service with VRS Elite

When scanning from a VRS Elite Twain-On-Top source, image processing is disabled in TotalAgility, as VRS Elite handles it. Therefore, image processing must be configured through VRS Elite. VRS Elite then performs image processing before passing the image to TotalAgility.

If a Scan/VRS profile is configured, the same name is used to auto-select a VRS Elite profile.

See Scan forms under System > System Settings > User behavior.

Note A scanner workstation CPU can influence VRS scanner performance. A slower CPU slows down scan performance, and a faster CPU speeds up scan performance and brings it closer to the scanner's rated scan speed. Therefore use a high-end workstation to scan through VRS to scan large documents.

Using Scan/VRS profile for MFP scanning

A Scan/VRS profile can serve two purposes in MFP scanning.

  1. Push Scan settings to MFP, so that the MFP scan engine uses the specified scan settings.

    This includes settings such as:

    • Color mode (Such as, scan in color, grayscale, or black and white)

    • Resolution

    • Page size

    • Page orientation

    • Simplex/Duplex

    • Page source (ADF or Flatbed)

    When an MFP performs scanning, it configures its scan engine to use the corresponding settings.

  2. Indicate Image processing settings, so that when an image is received by TotalAgility from the MFP, it will use eVRS to perform the indicated image processing.

    This includes settings such as:

    • Output color

    • Output resolution

    • Auto rotate

    • Auto crop

    • Blank page deletion

    • Deskew

    • Despeckle

    • eVRS command strings

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