Configure availability and functional access of a process.

Available from and Available to

Allows the process to be activated or deactivated on a particular date.

If set, the process expires as soon as the active period is over. Otherwise, it remains active. For example, a garment retailer decides to implement a discount scheme for Christmas and creates a process map that begins at the start of the season and expires at the end the season.

Job creation form

If Update process with associated form was selected at the time of generating the Create new job form, then the name of the generated form appears in the Job creation form field by default. To associate a different Crete new job form either select a different form or provide a static value.

Help text

Information about the process. The text can be added either as Plain text or as a URL to a web page.


An owner of the jobs created on a process. You can specify a process owner at design time. An owner is a static resource, which can be an individual resource or a group. Only one resource can be an owner at a time.

If you specify a process owner during process design, the owner of the job is set to that resource. Otherwise, the owner defaults to the resource that created the job.

The job owner can be used to dynamically assign resources to activities. You can also search for jobs belonging to that owner.

See Assign resources by applying rules.

For example, in many organizations resources have the responsibility for jobs regardless of who, among them, performs or completes the work; the job owner functionality can give the owner resource visibility of jobs they are interested in.

The job owner can be changed at any time during the lifetime of a job by the current owner or the supervisor of the owner.

  • Importing or exporting a process from the Designer also imports or exports the process owner.

  • When documenting a process, the process owner is also included.

  • When you create or edit a skin, you can override the process owner defined in the template and therefore the job owner.

  • Importing or exporting a skin also imports or exports the overridden process owners.

Functional access

See Functional access.