Maintain navigations

You can modify, copy and delete a navigation.

  1. Navigate to User interface > Navigations.
  2. To display the navigations within a specific category, select the category on the Category list.

    Alternatively, to search for a specific navigation, enter the name of the navigation in the Search field and click .

  3. To modify a navigation:
    1. On the list of navigations, click the navigation to modify.
      The Edit navigation menu dialog box is displayed.
    2. Make changes as needed.
    3. Save the navigation.
  4. To copy a navigation:
    1. On the context menu of the navigation to copy, click Copy.
      The New navigation menu dialog box displays the copy of the navigation prefixed with CopyOf_<navigationname>1.
    2. Make changes, such as rename the navigation and change the category.
    3. Save the navigation.
  5. To delete a navigation, on the context menu of the navigation to delete, click Delete.
    On confirmation, the selected navigation is deleted.