Create a group resource

TotalAgility provides the following groups by default: Administrators, Designers, Device Users, Everyone, Insight Admin, Insight Users, and Process Intelligence. You can create new groups, assign members to a group, assign a supervisor to manage a group, and set security and skill levels for a group.

For more information on resource groups, see Groups.

  1. Navigate to Resources > Groups.

    The Individuals and groups page appears.

  2. Click New group.
    The New group resource dialog box is displayed.
    Note You can also create a new individual on the TotalAgility - Individuals and groups page.
  3. Configure the properties of the group.


    The name of the group, such as Approving Officers.


    A category for your group.

    Note By default, the new group is assigned to your working category.

    Email address

    An email address for the group.


    Optional. A supervisor to manage the group.

    Note Resource groups cannot be supervisors and do not have managerial levels. Always assign an individual as a supervisor.

    Group members

    Assign members to the group.

    Work allocation


    A work allocation rule for the group so that work can be streamlined based on the order defined in the rule.

    Work allocation rules are specific rule conditions to help prioritize work based on activity, process, state, work type, and other priority types. Once prioritized, TotalAgility systematically pushes the work to the resource's work queue based on the set priorities.

    You can assign a work allocation rule directly to a group so that the rule becomes effective for all individuals who have the selected resource group as their working group. For example, on the day when a bank releases the quarterly statements, the task of posting bank statements is assigned as a work allocation rule to the Backroom Staff. The system prioritizes the task by putting it at the top of the Backroom Staff work queues when the activity becomes pending.

    Note The work allocation rule assigned directly to a group precedes over the work allocation rule assigned to the working group. If the work allocation rule assigned to the group is cleared, the one assigned to the working group is used.

  4. Click Save.

Assign members to the group

You can assign both individuals and groups as members to a group.

  1. In the New group resource dialog box, click Add for Group members.

    The Add group members dialog box is displayed.

  2. To add individual resources as members of the group, do the following:
    1. Select the Individual tab.
    2. You can find the resources to add:

      1. Click the working category link to open the Category list.
      2. Select All or the category the resource belongs to. Resources are listed by name.

      3. Click the Add all link to select all resources, or to further filter the list, enter the name of the resource in the Filter field and then select the required resource.

  3. To add a group as a member, select the Group tab, find and select the groups to add.
  4. Click Done.