Create a form variant

  1. Navigate to User interface > Form variants.

    The Form variants page appears.

  2. Click New.

    Alternatively, click Create variant on the context menu of the form for which to create a variant.

    The New form variant dialog box is displayed.
  3. Configure the General properties.

    Name of the form variant.


    Optional. Description for the form variant.


    The form for which to create the variants.


    The version of the selected form is displayed.

  4. To select the form factor for which to update the state and label text of the form fields, do the following:
    1. Click the Desktop, Phone, or Tablet tab.

      By default, the Desktop version of the form variant is created.

    2. Click .
    3. On the Name list, select the Form control or Form cell.
    4. On the State list, select one of the following states for the control.
      • None (default)

      • Hidden

      • Disabled

      • Mandatory

      • Optional

      • ReadOnly

      The state options vary based on the control. For example, a cell can only have Hidden or None state.

    5. In the Label text field, enter the text for the label to appear at runtime (default: empty). For example, enter the label text for a button as Submit. At runtime, the specified label text is displayed.
    6. Click Add.

      The control or cell name along with the state and label text appear in the table.

      You can edit or delete the form control or cell.

  5. Click Save.

    A variant is created in a locked state. Each time a variant is saved, a new major version of the variant is created.

    • If you add controls to the base form, on releasing the form, these controls are automatically added to the variants of the form. The state of these controls is none, and label text is empty.

    • If you remove controls from the base form and release the form, the controls are automatically removed from the associated form variants and a new version for each updated form variant is created.

    • On exporting a form or package, the form variants are also exported.

    • On importing a form or package, a form variant is only imported if it is of higher version than the one existing on the system.

    • On upgrading TotalAgility, the variants are available for all the associated forms.

    • When deleting a form, all the associated form variants for the form are deleted.