Configure a Custom service activity

Configure a Custom service activity to use it in a business process, case definition custom service, and business rule.

  1. Add an activity to the map. See Add an activity.

    By default, the Configuration tab is open in the properties panel of the activity.

  2. Enter a Name for the activity.
  3. On the Type list, click Custom service.
    The custom service groups are listed.
  4. Select a Custom service to associate with the activity.
    Only released custom services are available for use.
    A list of parameters if any, appears under Input and Output.
  5. Optional. Map the input parameters using dynamic variable (process or server) or static value.
  6. Optional. Map the output parameters using dynamic variable (process or server).
  7. Save the map.
  8. Configure other properties for this automatic activity, as applicable. See Activity properties, Activity properties and Properties of a custom service.
    Note the following:
    • When you create a job on a process that has custom service activity, when viewing job details, a single entry is recorded in the job history and you cannot drill into the custom service.

      Note: If the custom service activity fails to execute, the automatic activity failed exception should be raised if it has been configured.

    • When you generate process documentation for a process with a custom service activity, the activity details display the relevant custom service grouping and name.

    • You cannot turn on business rule logging for custom services.

    • When using a custom service on an Integration Server, you can specify that the custom service node will run on the Integration Server.

    • You cannot delete a custom service that is in use.