Configure the Exchange server get attachments activity

Configure a process, case, case fragment or a business rule to add an Exchange get server attachments activity.

  1. Add an activity to the map.

    By default, the Configuration tab is open in the properties panel of the activity.

  2. Change the default Name of the activity to something meaningful.
  3. On the Type list, select Microsoft > Exchange server get attachments.
  4. Configure the following properties.
    Site name

    The name of the Microsoft Exchange server site from which to retrieve attachments.

    Email item ID

    The unique ID of an email from which to retrieve attachments. The ID can be a dynamic variable (process/server) or a static value.

    Note To populate a variable with the unique ID of an email, configure the Create new job, Create new case, or Create job in case TotalAgility action on the New Mail event. See Configure TotalAgility actions resulting from Microsoft Exchange events.

    Target location

    The location where the Email attachments will be downloaded. The location can be a dynamic variable (process/server) or a static value.

    Output path

    Optional. A Complex or Dynamic complex variable to automatically retrieve the location of all the attachments. The variable can be a process or server variable.

  5. Click Save.