Create a JSON expression variable

  1. In the New variable dialog box, enter a unique Name for the variable.
    By default, the name of the variable becomes the ID of the variable; however, you can change the ID if needed.
  2. On the Type list, select JSON expression. (Default: String)
  3. Optional. To use the variable for process initialization, select Initialization.
  4. In the Expression text field, enter the JSON string, such as $, or $['person']['age'].
    At runtime, the data is retrieved as John or 25 respectively.
  5. To specify the source to use in the JSON variable, select a process or string variable in the Source JSON field.
    For example, use the following string variable: { "person" : { "name" : "John" , "age" : 25 , "city" : "New York" }, "company" : "kofax" }
    Note You can set the source variable of JSON expression as output to an activity. You cannot delete a source JSON variable if it is in use in JSON expression variable.
  6. On the Return data type list, select the return type of the JSON expression which can use any of the following formats: Bool (default), Byte, Currency, Date, Decimal, Double, Float, Long, Short, or String.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Click Save.