Document set

A document set is a group of related documents that can be managed either individually or as a single entity. You can specify in your process whether to use a document set.

Using document set, you can define conditions based on the document set or one of its document types within processes. For example, you cannot send the application for approval until all document requirements have been met.

A document set rule gives complete visibility to the status of the documents required to complete a process. For example, a document set rule can be used to halt the process at a stage until document 1 of type A and 2 of type B are received. You can also configure exceptions to raise at the specified interval when the document date elapses.

When you skin a process, you can overwrite the rules associated with the document types.

TotalAgility provides Document set control that can be used to display the document set at runtime and also the summary of document types based on the mode of operation (Customer or Case Worker) specified at the design time.

  • TotalAgility only supports a document set in parent processes, case fragments and cases; it does not support document set in a subjob or embedded process.

  • You must have the Update document set user rights to update the runtime status for a document rule.

When a process is exported and imported, the document set, associated extraction groups, and the Update document set functional access are maintained. When documentation is generated for a process, this data is included in the output.

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