You can maintain Kofax TotalAgility device application settings for multi-function peripherals (MFPs) and mobile devices. Settings include device registration, application download and deployment, device profiles and other advanced settings.

Navigate to System > System settings > Capture > Devices.

The Devices screen opens in a new browser tab where you can maintain settings for multi-function peripheral (MFP) and mobile devices.

You can configure TotalAgility to work with phone devices.

Configure TotalAgility to work with a phone device

  1. Configure the Scan/VRS profile with the following settings:
    • Name: For example, Mobile Bitonal.
    • Color: Black and white
    • Image enhancement settings: Selected
    • Deskew: Selected
    • Auto crop: Selected
    • Auto rotate: Selected
  2. To get the attached documents back to your email, configure the email settings.
  3. Restart the TotalAgility services or reboot the server.