Add a document type

You can create a parent document type and add one or more field groups to it. You can also add document types and field groups within a document type.

A child document type inherits all field groups and fields from the parent document types. A child document type cannot inherit a field group from multiple parent documents types. However, you can modify the inheritance hierarchy at any point. If you change the parent of a document type, TotalAgility replaces the previously inherited field groups and fields with the new inherited field groups and fields. If the change in inheritance results in any two fields or any two field groups in the inheritance hierarchy having the same name, you cannot change the inheritance and TotalAgility generates a message.

If you have an existing job on a process that uses inherited fields but the inheritance has changed, the job will continue because the job refers to the previous version of the document group.

If you create a new job on a process which uses inherited fields, but the inheritance has changed, the job will suspend because those fields are removed from that document type.

  1. Navigate to Capture > Extraction groups.

    The Extraction groups page appears.

  2. Click New.

    The Extraction group page appears in a new browser tab. Under the Design tab, by default, Group 1 is created with a RootDocumentType.

  3. Select the RootDocumentType and click Document type on the Design bar.

    Alternatively, click adjacent to the RootDocumentType.

    By default, TotalAgility adds Document Type 1. Double-click the Document Type 1 to rename the document type.

    Note A document type name cannot contain these special characters: \\, ?, /, :, *, <, >, |.
  4. Select the document type and configure the properties.
  5. Add multiple document types as needed.

    To add child document type, select a document type and click adjacent to the document type. Configure the properties of the child document type as needed.

    You can search for a specific document type in the extraction group tree.

  6. Click Save.

    The configured settings are saved.

  7. To delete a document type, click for the document type to delete.

    On confirmation, the document type and all its document types are deleted.

    • You cannot rename or delete the RootDocumentType.

    • You cannot delete a document when it is in use as an initialization variable, however, you can delete the pages within the document.

  8. Click Release.
    Note You can only use a released version of a document type in a process.