Configure the task display settings

By default, the TotalAgility tasks are displayed in the Tasks folder of Outlook. However, you can display the task list in a different folder called TotalAgility Tasks and specify how often Outlook refreshes the list.

  1. On the Outlook menu, click ADD-INS > TotalAgility> Task Settings.

    The Task Settings window opens.

  2. Select Display Tasks in Separate List to display all TotalAgility tasks in the TotalAgility Tasks folder.
    Note By default, this option is not selected and all TotalAgility tasks are displayed in the Outlook Tasks folder.
  3. For Refresh Tasks, enter the time in minutes for the TotalAgility tasks list to automatically refresh. (Default:0. This means that you must refresh the task list manually. To refresh the list manually, from the Outlook menu, click ADD-INS > TotalAgility > Refresh Work Queue.)
  4. Click OK.

    All the TotalAgility tasks appear in the TotalAgilityTasks folder and Outlook refreshes the folder based on the specified refresh time.