Example - ControlSuite activity

This example illustrates the scenario of resubmitting the rejected documents in a folder to the ControlSuite server.

  1. Create a process map with the following elements.

    Node Name


    ControlSuite Activity

    Submit Docs to CS


    Check Rejections

    ControlSuite Activity

    Resubmit Rejected Docs to CS


  2. On the Input document/folder list, select a folder variable for the Submit Docs to CS activity.
  3. Select Submit rejected documents only on the Configuration tab of Resubmit Rejected Docs to CS.
  4. Configure the Check Rejections decision node.
    1. In the Rule editor box, select the system property HasRejections.
    2. On the True path list, select Resubmit Rejected Documents.
  5. Save and release the process.

    • If the decision evaluates to true, that is, if the process finds any rejected documents, they are passed to the next ControlSuite activity for re-submission. The rejected documents are resubmitted and passed to the ControlSuite server.
    • If the decision evaluates to false, that is, if there are no rejected documents, then the process ends.