Open and modify an item

You can open and modify an item, such as process, form, site and others.

You cannot modify an item if it is in a read-only mode, however, you can still see its properties. An item can be read-only in the following scenarios:

  • You only have Read access to the item.

  • The item is locked by another user.

  • The item is open but not locked for modification.

  1. Navigate to the list page.
  2. On the list of items, click the link for the item to open.

    The item opens in a new browser tab.

    Note In the Edge browser, when an item is opened in the new browser tab, if you go back to the list page and click the same item again, you are not taken to the browser tab containing the item.
  3. Make changes as needed.
  4. Save the item.