Database settings

You can view and configure the database settings if you have sufficient access permissions.

Note Restart the TotalAgility IIS Application Pool, TotalAgility Core Worker Service and TotalAgility Streaming Service for the updated settings to take effect.
Database version
The system displays the database version (read-only).
Write to audit log
Maintains an audit log in the database.
Note While audit logging can be useful for monitoring server activity and performance, the audit data can increase the TotalAgility database significantly. You can clear this setting to reduce the database size, and increase performance. However, if you do wish to maintain the audit log, configure the associated retention policy to delete the old audit log entries.
Archive mode
When a job completes (either through natural completion or through termination) it can be archived automatically or manually, with job details from the live tables to the finished tables to improve performance.
  • Automatic (default): A periodic system task archives the job details from the live to finished tables.

  • Manual: Archives the finished jobs when you click the Archive finished jobs link under Utilities; otherwise, the jobs remain in the live jobs table. See Archive finished jobs.

    • You can change the Archive mode from Automatic to Manual. Changing the mode from Automatic to manual or vice versa, can have an impact on the performance.

    • When upgrading TotalAgility, the Archive finished jobs property retains the same setting that was set prior to upgrade.