Web capture service

You can update the URL for Web capture service (WCS) when the existing WCS is outdated or not responding and also allow backward compatibility for WCS .

  1. Navigate to System > System settings > Capture > Web capture service.
    The Web capture service pop up is displayed.
  2. To locate the server for WCS, enter the WCS download URL.
  3. To allow older versions of WCS to be used with the latest version of Scan Client, select WCS compatibility mode. (Default: Clear)
    • We recommend you not to use this option, because the older Web Capture Service versions do not contain any updated bug fixes or features. As a result, unpredictable behavior may occur.

    • The WCS backward compatibility is limited only up to the most recent service pack release. This means if Web Capture Service and Capture Client version difference is greater than a service pack level, Kofax TotalAgility will require Web Capture Service client to be updated even when this mode is enabled.

  4. To Skip alert message for mismatched WCS and Capture Client version, select this option. (Default: Clear)
    Note This option is enabled only when you select WCS compatibility mode.
  5. Click Save.
    Note You must restart the following services for the updated settings to take effect: TotalAgility IIS Application Pool, TotalAgility Core Worker Service and TotalAgility Streaming Service.