Build a Create new job form

A Create new job form helps you create jobs.

Generate a Create a new job form with one or more process maps. The generated form has the following format: <Form name>CNJ. For example, in the PersonalInfoCNJ form, PersonalInfo denotes the form name and CNJ denotes the Create new job type of form.

All the process initialization variables, and the variables used as input or output to the activity appear as corresponding controls in the form. For example, a String variable appears as a text box, a Boolean variable a check box and a Date variable appears as a Calender control.

Input variables are read-only; output variables are editable controls.

The generated form contains the following fields by default:

  • Job/Case/Job in Case buttons (depending on the map type)

  • Create button

  • Case Ref text box (only for case and case fragment maps to enter the reference number for the new job)

For example, the Club Membership case map has three initialization variables.

Variable name Data type
Customer Name String
Membership Bool
Enrollment Date Date

The CNJ form generated on this map creates the controls as shown in the following figure.

Create new job form

If a Checklist variable is being used in a map, the CreateNewJob event is mapped to the text property of checklist web controls. See Checklist control.

  1. Navigate to User interface > Forms.
  2. On the Generate list, select Create new job form. Alternatively, select Generate CNJ form on the context menu of the process for which you want to build the form.

    The Create new job form dialog box is displayed.

  3. On the Process list, select the process for which you want to build the Create a new job form.
  4. By default, the form name appears in the Form name field as the process name suffixed with type of form you are building. For example, if the process name to build the Create new job form is MyProcess, the form name appears as MyProcessCNJ. Change the process name, if needed.
  5. By default, the Category is the same category that the process belongs to. You can update the category that the form should be in.
  6. To associate a Create new job form with a process, select Update process with associated form.
    • When you add this process to a package, the associated Create new job form is automatically included in the package, if Include items associated with forms is selected for the package. See Create a package.

    • When you open the process on which the Create new job form was built, the Job creation form property is updated with the corresponding Create new job form name.

      Note If the process is already open, close and reopen it to update the Job creation form property.

  7. Click Generate and save to save the generated form. Alternatively, to release the form, click Generate and release.

Edit a Create new job form

  1. Open the Create new job form in the Design view.
    The existing properties of the form are displayed in the properties panel.
  2. Make changes as needed.
    Note You can and add new controls and actions to the form as appropriate and regenerate the form.
  3. Save the form.