Add data to a dropdown list

Create a list of items to use for populating a dropdown list at runtime.

For example, in a form obtaining customer details, provide a dropdown list of titles with the options such as, Mr., Ms., Mrs., or Other.

  1. In the properties panel of the Dropdown list control, click the Configuration tab.
  2. Define static items or use data from an existing lookup to populate the dropdown. Select either option for Type.


    1. In the Prompt box, enter a value, such as "Please select". This value appears by default on the dropdown list at runtime.

    2. Click .

    3. Enter a Name and Value for the item.

    4. Click Add. The item is added to the list.

    5. To make the item as default on the list of items, select the Default check box for the item.

      This item populates the field by default at runtime. For example, for a Title list, add the static items, such as Mr., Mrs., Miss, and select Mrs as the default.

    6. To rearrange the list, use . By default, the list appears in the order in which the items are defined.

    Lookups On the Lookup list, select a lookup. See Manage lookups for more information.

  3. Save the form.