Date validation method

Use the Date validation method to compare extracted dates to a reference date and expected time period. Also apply a date formatter to convert extracted dates into a consistent format.

For example, create a project to process invoices and configure a date validation method to meet the following business rules:

  • Do not process invoices older than six months

  • Do not process invoices newer than the current date

  • Only use the YYYYMMMDDD date format

Configure a date validation method

  1. On the Type list, select Date. (Default: Regular expression)
  2. To reformat the date before performing the validation check and providing the field DateValue property, on the Formatter list, select the Default Date Formatter.
  3. To use a date as a baseline to compare with the date found on the document, select either option for Reference date:
    • Today (default): Specifies the date a document is processed.

    • Fixed date: Lets you enter or select a reference date to use.

  4. Configure the following Options

    Check for period before reference date

    If selected, restricts a date found on a document to be within the past N days. If a date falls outside the N day value, it is invalid. (Default: Clear. If selected, default is 0 Days)

    Check for period after reference date

    If selected, restricts a date on a document to be within N days after the reference date. If a date falls outside this range, it is invalid. It implies that all dates are restricted to be less than or equal to the date the document is processed. (Default: Clear. If selected, default is 0 Days)

    Allow empty fields

    If selected, allows an empty field to be valid; otherwise, the empty fields are marked as invalid. (Default: Clear)

    Rule makes uncertain extraction results valid

    If selected, overrides the execution of validation rules when a field is not extracted confidently or has been modified. (Default: Clear)

  5. To test the date validation setting, enter sample text in the Test input text field and click Validate.
    A message appears to inform whether the rule is valid.
  6. Click Save.