Configuration of a Work queue control

Configure the work queue control, and define their sort order.

Name Description

Display list as

The style of the work queue list. Available options are:

  • Paging: Use this style if your list contains hundreds of records across many pages.
  • Scrolling (default): Use this style if your list contains more than one page, but not hundreds of records.

Show column names

Displays the column names at runtime. (Default: Selected)

Show resource pictures

Displays the resource pictures at runtime. (Default: Clear)

Header label

Display text for the header label of the work queue.

Sorting: Use the sorting properties to perform client side sorting of the activities. However, you can also sort the activities on the server side by enabling the Custom sorting property for the work queue in system settings. This allows end users to define their own sort order in their queries. If you enable Custom sorting, we recommend that you set the Sort column property to None on the Work Queue control; otherwise, the results are sorted server side, and then client side which may be confusing for end users who have defined their own sort order.

Sort column

The columns to sort by, such as Activity name, Due date and more.

Sort order

The sort order of the columns to be Ascending (default) or Descending.

Actions: The actions to apply on the Work queue control.

Allow auto complete

If selected, allows you to complete the activity directly from the work queue without having to provide any inputs.

For more information, see Prevent skipping validation activity from the work queue in Kofax TotalAgility Best Practices Guide.

Allow reassign

Displays the Reassign option at runtime, which allows you to reassign the activity to another user.

Allow add note

Displays the Add note option at runtime, which allows you to add a note to the job the activity belongs to.

Allow view job

Displays the View job option at runtime, which allows you to view a visual representation of the progress of the job.