Configure the data for a Radio button list control

By default, two radio buttons are added to a radio button list.

You can add more radio buttons as needed.

  1. In the properties panel of the Radio button list control, click the Configuration tab.
  2. On the Direction list, select Vertical or Horizontal to specify the direction in which the radio buttons appear in the radio button list.
  3. In the Default value when empty box, enter a default value for the radio button list.

    This value is submitted at runtime if no radio button is selected. The default value should correspond to the field type. For example, if you set the field type as Boolean, the default value can be True or False; if you set the field type as Date, the default value must be a date.

  4. Configure the list items.
    1. Click .
    2. In the Text box, enter a name, such as Male, for the radio button.
    3. In the Value box, enter a value, such as M, for the radio button.
    4. Click Add.
    5. By default, the first radio button in the list is the default item. To change the default item to a different radio button, click Reset defaults and then select the check box for the required radio button.
    6. By default, radio buttons appear in the order in which they are defined. To reorder the list, use icons.