Field formatters

Field formatters are used to force the contents of extracted fields into a predefined format for consistency.

For example, an amount may contain decimals and commas, such as 1,500.00. Use the Amount formatter to reformat amounts to numeric values (1500).

TotalAgility supports the following formatter types:

  • Amount: Configures settings related to monetary amounts and currency.

  • Date: Configures date formats.

  • Percentage: Configures percentage formats.

  • Business rule: Performs special formatting based on a business rule. A business rule can also be used to do dependent formatting whereby the format of a field depends on the value of another field.

The Amount, Date and Percentage are used as single-field formatters; whereas, the Business rule can be used as a single-field as well as a multiple-field formatter.

TotalAgility provides two default formatters:

  • DefaultDateFormatter: Contains basic date formatting, such as the date order and date output format.

  • DefaultAmountFormatter: Contains the default currency and typical decimal symbol formatting.

You can associate a formatter with document or folder type fields, including table columns.

For best practices on formatters, see Formatting in Kofax TotalAgilityBest Practices Guide.

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