Micro Focus Content Manager

TotalAgility provides comprehensive out-of-the-box integration to the Micro Focus Content Manager system.

Note Micro Focus Content Manager is only available for TotalAgility on-premise; it not available for Designer running in On-premise multi-tenant and Azure environments.

Integrating TotalAgility with Micro Focus Content Manager helps users to efficiently manage electronic documents and records throughout the entire life cycle of a document—from creation to destruction.

You can connect to one or more Content Manager systems and access one or more file plan locations in Content Manager.

To connect to a Content Manager system, do the following in TotalAgility:

  • Provide a name that helps you identify to which Content Manager System you are connecting, for example, London Server.

  • Specify the TotalAgility Web Service that will link TotalAgility to the Content Manager system, for example, http://TRIMSystem/TRIMIntegrationWS/TRIMIntegrationWs.asmx.

  • In the Content Manager Fileplan shortcut, provide a location to use in workflow and forms creation, for example, Accommodation - Domestic - General.

Note A file plan shortcut is a Classification system that stores records according to subject or by function. File plan shortcuts provide a standard naming and coding system for the titling of records. A consistent titling scheme allows more accurate and rapid retrieval of records from the Content Manager dataset.

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