Maintain an Exchange site integration

You can modify and delete an Exchange site integration and also view associations.

  1. Navigate to Integration > Exchange.

    The Exchange integrations list page appears.

  2. To modify an Exchange site configuration:
    1. Click the Exchange site integration to open for modification.
      The Edit Exchange site configuration dialog box is displayed.
    2. Make changes to the settings as needed.
    3. Click Save.
  3. To delete an Exchange site integration, on the context menu of the Exchange site to delete, click Delete.
    On confirmation, the integration is deleted.

View associations

View the list of processes (all types), business rules and forms associated with an Exchange site.

  1. Navigate to the Exchange integrations list page.
  2. On the context menu of the Exchange site integration for which to view the associations, click Associations.

    The Integration associations - <Exchange site integration name> dialog box displays the following list of associations with name and type: Business processes, case definitions, fragments, business rules, and forms, if any. You can click the name link to open the item in a new browser tab and make changes, as needed.

    Note If the Exchange integration is configured in any of the versions prior to TotalAgility 7.7.0, on upgrading to 7.8.0, the associated processes for an Exchange integration are not listed. You must reconfigure the integration to view the processes using this integration.