Use categories to group related items (from resources to processes) in TotalAgility and provide a means to restrict or provide access.

You can track different types of items that are related but stored in different folders. For example, associate all business processes along with any resources used in the Finance department with the Finance category.

TotalAgility provides the following out-of-the-box categories:

  • Default Category

  • System Category

  • TotalAgility Forms: This category includes TotalAgility Workspace forms.

  • Business Rule Parameters: This category is only available on upgrading TotalAgility, or when you import a logic rule in an older map. Any business rule parameters are imported as server variables and placed in this category.

We recommend that you create your own categories. You can also create categories within categories.

Note You cannot delete the Default and System categories; however, you can modify their descriptions.

See Manage a category.