Default settings

Configure the default resources and notifications for activities at the process level.

Activity defaults

Specify default resources so that you do not have to add resources to each manual activity separately. Whenever a new activity is added to a process, the default resources are automatically added to that activity. The default resources can be individual resources, groups, roles or a combination of all.

By default, Everyone (Group) is the default resource to activities. To change the default resource, perform the following steps.

  1. Click the Add link for Default resources.

    The Add default resources dialog box is displayed.

  2. Select the required group, individual and/or process role.
  3. Click Done.

Activity notification defaults

An activity notification is a way of notifying a resource through email that work is ready in an activity and is pending in the queue. When a job is created on the process, an email is sent to the usable resources of the activity for which activity notification had been enabled.

You can set an activity notification for a process as well as an activity. When set for a process, any manual activities added thereafter inherit the settings. When set for an activity, the settings apply only for that activity.

You can create the content of the email, such as subject and body, and embed a URL in the email to take the user directly to the work. For example, set an activity notification on the Validate Loan Form activity that alerts a Banking officer to check the details on a loan application. A URL embedded within the email launches the relevant web page or job with the customer's details, so the officer can approve or reject the loan application.

Note An activity notification only works if the SYSTEM Process Email Activity process map is installed. See System processes.

Set the following properties to configure the activity notification for a process.

Send email

If selected, allows to configure an email notification to be sent to resources when an activity becomes pending in the resource's work queue. (Default: Selected)

Send to

Select either option to define the recipient of the email:

  • Group and any assigned users or roles: Only sends email to the assigned resource group (not individual members within a resource group) and any additionally assigned resources.

  • Group members and any assigned users/roles: Sends email to each member within the assigned worker group and any additionally assigned workers.



Set the subject of the email to be dynamic or static.

  • To set a dynamic value, select the variable.

  • To set the subject as plain text, click and type the subject of the email.


The message of the email.


A link to the location of the web page where the user can take and complete the pending activity.

Append associated file

If selected, appends the name of an associated file to the URL.

Note The Associated file path is configured under Inputs/Outputs tab of the activity.

Process variables

Allow variable prefixing to identify whether the variable is a process, case or server variable.

Select Use variable prefix.

The variables are prefixed in the following manner:

  • A process variable is prefixed with p. Example: p_SessionId.
  • A case variable is prefixed with c. Example: c_SessionId.
  • A server variable is prefixed with s. Example: s_SessionId.