Add preconditions

Set preconditions for an activity.

  1. Select the activity for which to set preconditions.
  2. In the Activity properties panel, click the Dependents tab.
  3. Under Preconditions provide a static or dynamic value.
    • To specify a static value so that an activity should become pending when three instances of the event called PROCESSEVENT1 have been raised, create a precondition, PROCESSEVENT1=3.

      • Use static values to create multiple conditions within a precondition. For example, ((EVT1 >=5) OR (EVT2 = 6 and EVT3 = 4))
      • You can reuse a precondition by pasting into another precondition.

      • You can use null check in condition text. For example, [nullstr] = null and [nulldate] =null. You cannot use Null or NULL.

    • To use a dynamic value, right-click on the rule editor and select a numeric variable (process or server), existing process event, document set or a document type.

      • If a numeric variable is used in the precondition such as PROCESSEVENT1=VAR1, the precondition will evaluate the number of times the event is fired based on the value of the variable. For example, if value of VAR1=5, the event will fire five times to fulfill the precondition.

      • If a document set is used, the precondition only evaluates to true when all the document type rules in the specified document sets are met.

      • If specific document types are used, the precondition only evaluates to true when the rules defined against the specified document types are met.

  4. Click Validate to validate a precondition.
  5. Click Save.