Change stack order action

Use the Change stack order action to change the stack order value or remove or move an element towards the bottom of the stack.

The Change stack order action only applies to an image control with multiple images. It does not apply to an Image control with a single image.

When you use the Change stack order action and update the stack order, the images are reordered accordingly. For example, if you have 5 images and set the stack order to 2,4,5, image 2 appears at the bottom, then image 4 and image 5 at the top. Images 1 and 3 do not appear.

  1. On the form modeling bar, click Actions and click New.

    The New action dialog box is displayed.

  2. On the Type list, select Change stack order.
  3. Change the default Name (ChangeStackOrder1) to something meaningful. .
  4. Optional. Enter a Description for the action.
  5. Optional. Select Multilingual to configure a unique action for each language separately. See Configure multilingual actions.
  6. On the Image list, select an Image control.
    Note Select an image control with multiple images.
  7. Specify the Stack order using dynamic values (form variable or form control), or click to provide static values (such as, 2, 4, 6).
  8. Click Add.

    The newly created action is added to the table.

  9. Associate the action with the control to trigger this action. See Configure actions for form control events. Alternatively to call this action for a form event, associate the action with the form. See Associate an action with a form.

    At runtime, when this action is triggered, all images specified in the Image control appear in the defined stack order.

    • An image with greater stack order appears in front of an image with a lower stack order.

    • You can modify the stack order to reorder the images.