Configure a Supporting info activity

  1. Add an activity to the map.

    By default, the Configuration tab is open in the properties panel of the activity.

  2. Change the default Name of the activity to something meaningful.
  3. On the Type list, select Other > Supporting info.
  4. On the Job ID list, select a variable for the job ID for which the supporting info will be updated.
  5. Add supporting data in the Info box.

    You can manually enter text, or right-click on the rule editor to provide process or server variables, to dynamically get the relevant information at the time of execution. You can also use a combination of static text and dynamic values. For example, "This claim is for Customer A, Claim type B and Claim amount C". here A, B and C are variables.

    • If the data exceeds 500 characters, it is truncated at runtime.

    • You can reuse the data by copying and pasting it in another Supporting info activity.

  6. Save the process map.

    When the node is executed, the Supporting info field for the job is updated with the relevant information.