Configure SLA and work assignment

Service Level Agreement (SLA ) is the visual representation of a threshold status or job and activity state on a job list or work queue.

  1. Navigate to System > System settings > Process > SLA and work assignment.

    The SLA and work assignment dialog box is displayed.

  2. Configure the following settings for Service level agreement:
    1. Active SLA statuses: Enables you to define a number for active SLA statuses, up to a maximum of five.

      • 1: Only Green is active.

      • 2: Green and Amber are active.

      • 3: Green, Amber and Red are active. (Default)

      • 4: Green, Amber, Red and Black are active.

      • 5: Green, Amber, Red, Black and Purple are active.

    2. SLA status names: The status names (Green-Amber-Red-Black-Purple). The default status names available are Green, Amber and Red.

      You can change the name of an active status. For example, to change the name of Green to Blue, do the following:

      1. Select the status name, Green and click .

      2. Change the name to Blue.

      3. Click OK.

  3. Configure the Skill level for Activity assignment.

    You can assign activities to a resource based on the skill level set at the time of creating a resource (Server), or the skill level set at the process level (Process), or you may consider resources with any skill level to take the jobs (Not used).

  4. Click Save.

    Restart the TotalAgility services for the settings to take effect.