Action toolbar

The Action toolbar contains a set of commands to perform actions such as zoom in and zoom out, snap to grid, rearrange process and undo and redo.



Zooms out of a process for a broader view.

Zooms in on a process for a close-up view.


Displays the grid in the process design area.

Export image

Downloads the process image to your system.

Snap to grid

Automatically aligns the activity to the nearest grid. The gridlines assists with the layout of your process.

Auto placement: Automatically places the activity to the nearest grid horizontally and in accordance with the current activity. Places the activities added to decisions above or below the decision. If the Auto Placement option is turned off, then you can drag the activity to the required location.


Changes the direction of map layout from vertical to horizontal and vice versa as appropriate for your process or target audience.

Rearrange process

Rearranges the process map.

Undoes the changes in a process, such as Canvas changes that include adding nodes, deleting connectors, changing orientation, rearranging process, and more.

Redoes the changes in a process.