A variable is a storage location for values that are retrieved at runtime. Variables are used to store and transport data from one activity to another, and are integral to the setup and creation of a business process. Variables are also used to determine paths of execution.

You can create variables at both server and process level.

Use process variables to store data for a specific process. Process variables hold values for items that change during the execution of a process. They are local (private) to the map for which they are created. Process (and case) variables can be simple (1 value) or complex (an array of values).

TotalAgility supports a number of variables such as, Bool, Currency, Date, Float, Long, Checklist, Complex and dynamic complex, String, and others.

Process variable examples

Variable Name Type Value
CUSTNAME String JuliaR
CUSTADDRESS String Hollywood
AMOUNT Double 100000
Approved Boolean True

Initialization variables

The System requires initial information for a process to run. For example, to process a loan application, customer details and the loan amount are required. An initialization variable is any process variable whose value should be provided when the job is being created. In case of Loan application process, you could create process variables such as customer ID, customer name and loan amount, and then declare the loan amount as the initialization variable.

The order of the initialization variables is configurable within the designer.

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