Configure TotalAgility actions resulting from SharePoint events

You can configure and execute TotalAgility actions for SharePoint events. For example, you can configure a TotalAgility job that starts when a purchase order is uploaded to SharePoint.

Important In the Integration Server, you can configure the events in the same way as you would do in an TotalAgility on-premise environment.

When the event is raised on the Integration Server, the action is executed on Azure.

TotalAgility provides the following actions for SharePoint events:

  • Create new job

  • Create job in case

  • Create new case

  • Change state

  • Raise event

SharePoint events

You can configure TotalAgility actions for the following events in SharePoint.

SharePoint Event



When an item is added to the SharePoint repository.


When an item is updated in the SharePoint repository.


When an item is deleted from the SharePoint repository.


When an item is checked into the SharePoint repository.


When an item is checked out of the SharePoint repository.


When an item checkout is undone in the SharePoint repository.

Note Events like Item Checked in, Item Checked Out, and Item Undo Check Out help to ensure the integrity of documents by enabling you to require document checkout before editing, view past revisions and restore to previous versions, and set document-specific security.

SharePoint items

The following table outlines the SharePoint events that occur for the custom (user) defined columns in SharePoint.

Actions performed in SharePoint

Triggered SharePoint events

Number of jobs created

Add an item

  • Item Added

One job for both adding item and for updating custom defined columns.

Upload an item

  • Item Added

  • Item Updated

Two Jobs:
  • For uploading the item

  • For updating custom defined columns

Check in an item

  • Item Checked In

  • Item Updated (occurs along with the check in.)

  • Item Updated (occurs while updating the custom-defined column properties.)

Three Jobs:
  • Two for checking the item

  • One for updating the custom defined columns.

When the ItemAdded and ItemUpdated events (when a custom column is configured) are triggered:

When a document is added to library, the following things happen:

  • Sharepoint adds the document to the library.

  • Sharepoint fires the ItemAdded event.

  • SharePoint displays the property editing screen to the user.

  • User can edit the properties and click on Save.

  • SharePoint fires the ItemUpdated event.

  • SharePoint now begins the process of automatically checking-in the document.

  • SharePoint fires the ItemUpdated event.

  • SharePoint fires the ItemCheckedIn event.

Note When the ItemUpdated event is fired the first time, it is in response to the changes of document properties. When it is fired the second time, it is in response to the document being checked-in. It appears as though it is firing twice in this scenario.