Build an MFP form

You can manually create a custom form that is available for use only on a Multi-Function Peripheral Lexmark (MFP) device.

The ScanStatus variable is automatically added to the form whose value is set to the message associated with each scan (success or failure). If the existing forms do not have the ScanStatus variable, the variable is added on regenerating the forms.

A ScanFailed event is raised when scanning or uploading fails for any reason including scan cancellation.

Note When you browse a non-MFP form on an MFP device, use the Set device action to ensure the device is connected to the tablet form variant.
  1. Navigate to User interface > Forms.
  2. On the Generate list, select MFP form.

    The MFP form dialog box is displayed.

  3. Enter the Form name.
  4. By default, the working category of the logged on user is displayed. You can change the category of the form, as needed.
  5. Click Generate and save to save the generated form. Alternatively, click Generate and release to release the form.
    A blank form with a single cell appears.
  6. In the properties panel, change the default settings of the cell as needed. For more information on cell properties, see Layout.

    The default width of the form is 1024 pixels.

  7. Manage the form as follows:
    1. Configure the general properties of the form.
    2. Configure the advanced properties of the form.
    3. Add form controls.
    4. Create form variables.
    5. Configure events for an MFP form.
  8. Save and release the form.

Edit an MFP form

Once an MFP form is generated, you can edit it as needed.

  1. Navigate to User interface > Forms.

    The Forms page appears.

  2. On the list of MFP forms, click the form to open.
    The form opens in a new browser tab. The existing properties of the form are displayed in the properties panel.
  3. Save and close the form.