Using TotalAgility, you can drastically reduce your organization's labor-intensive processes by capturing all types of content for automatic classification, extraction, validation and delivery into applications, processes and repositories.

Capture information at any point in business process and without human intervention, extract, separate, classify, validate and perfect information. For example, after the loan application process starts, a financial institution may request documents, such as Proof of Income and Credit Reports. The information can be captured anytime from any source, including from mobile or tablet devices, and ingested into the loan approval process.

Classify documents; define scanner or device settings for reuse; and separate and automatically place documents in folders during capture.

You can export images (or both images and text that has been automatically extracted form the images) to a PDF or other file format, define resolution and quality and more. You can identify text and graphics, convert to HTML and XML file formats, and ensure interpretation by assistive software for the visually impaired.

You can also create capture related items, such as extraction groups, document variants, field formatters and field validators.

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