Properties of a Workload control

Configure the workload control under the following tabs:


Property Description


The type of the control.


A unique name for the workload control.


The supplementary information that displays on hovering the mouse over the workload at runtime.


Enables the control at runtime. (Default: Selected)

Security token

Makes the information in the control secure. See Security tokens.


Makes the control visible at runtime. (Default: Selected)

Session ID

A global variable, form variable, or form control that is used as session ID at runtime.

Job properties page URL

Sets the form that will be displayed when the user views the job properties. The URL can be a static value or a dynamic variable.

  • If you do not specify a form at design time, the default Workspace job properties form is used at runtime.

  • When you use a Workload control form in your system query, the machine name column is displayed in the query at runtime.