Configure branching rules

  1. On the process map, select the activity for which to set branching rules.
  2. In the Activity properties panel, click the After processing tab.
  3. Click Configure for Branching rules.

    The Branching rules dialog box is displayed.

  4. On the Default path list, select the node to execute at runtime if none of the specified conditions is met; this stops a process from failing.
  5. To allow only one path to be active, select Use exclusive OR (XOR).
    Note XOR is applicable for all process maps. However, if you are using branching rule in a synchronous process then you must select XOR.

    If the conditions for more than one path are satisfied, the first found path becomes active; others are ignored.

  6. To enter the condition text for a node, select the tab for the activity and enter the condition text. Perform this step for each activity.

    • You can use null check in condition text. For example, [nullstr] = null and [nulldate] =null. You cannot use Null or NULL.

    • You can reuse the branching rule by copying and pasting it in another rule.

    • TotalAgility supports the following operands/keywords for branching rules:

      + - * / < > = >= <= <> AND OR != && || true false TRUE FALSE

  7. To check the validity of the condition click Validate.
    A message indicates the validity of the branching rule.
  8. Click OK.
  9. To clear all rules and their associations with different paths, click Clear all rules.
    Note If the user does not specify any rules on the output paths from the selected activity, the System executes all paths normally.