System tasks

System tasks are routine tasks that TotalAgility performs. You cannot create a new system task or delete an existing system task. You can deactivate a task, modify the interval in which to execute a system task, set the timeout interval, and define the system task operating time, as needed. You must have necessary permissions to configure the system tasks.

TotalAgility performs the following routine tasks.

Archive/Delete Items

Moves archive jobs from live to archive database.

Create Exceptions

Creates jobs on a configured exception map. Also creates jobs or alert tasks configured on triggers at the process level.

Note You can configure exceptions at the server or process level.

Create Jobs

Creates jobs configured on business events.

Device Management Cleanup

Cleans up device-related data, such as expired device and old scan history records. The default schedule to run this task to clean-up the scan history is every one hour.

Evaluate Jobs

Core Worker service evaluates jobs on job creation and activity completion.


Ingests documents from various sources (Email, Fax, FoIP, File) and creates the specified business processes.

Job Scheduling

Scheduler creates a job on the configured map.

See Manage a job schedule.

KM FilesFetch

Retrieves jobs submitted to the configured FTP server from Konica Minolta devices.

License Threshold Monitoring

Determines how often to check for license threshold exceptions and raise an alert (Default: 1 minute). Once the threshold is met and the interval has passed, the exception is raised.


Monitors database at a set time interval and executes multiple checks, for example, whether to fire an exception or trigger.

Online Learning

Runs automatic Online Learning on the documents marked for online learning during validation.

For best practices on Online Learning system task, refer to Online Learning System Task in Kofax TotalAgility Best Practices Guide.

Perform Auto Activities

Executes automatic activities at a set time.

Process Activities

Performs auto work allocation based on the algorithm selected.

Process Capture Timeouts

Cleans up data for expired document capture sessions in the TotalAgility Workspace.

Process Session Timeouts

Forces user logoff on session timeout.

Process State Actions

Executes action (Restart\Create new job) configured on states.

See Create a state.


Performs (extract/transform/load) of reporting data and transforms data from staging to warehouse.

Retention Policy

Marks items for deletion for which the retention period and number of versions have exceeded the defined limit, and then deletes those items. This task executes once every seven days by default; you can set the minimum Interval to one hour. If the item that the system task tries to delete is not deleted, the item is recorded in the Retention Policy Failures table. Failures are cleared automatically when the system task executes the next time.

See Retention policy system task.

Note The Retention Policy system task is CPU intensive and should be ideally scheduled during non-working hours.

Transformation Server Execution

Performs the following automatic capture activities: Extraction, Classification, PDF Generation, Image Processing and Composite.

Upgrade Jobs

Performs upgrade of jobs for the requested process versions.

Xerox FtpFetch

Retrieves jobs submitted to the configured FTP server from Xerox devices.

See Manage system tasks.