Set device action

Use the Set device action to switch the form factor (Desktop, Phone or Tablet) between a desktop, phone or tablet form.

For example, you can view a desktop form in a phone and vise versa. You can override the actual form factor of the device to view it in a Desktop, Phone or Tablet for a single session or for a set period of time.

When an event with a Set device action executes, it retrieves the form in the specified form factor until the action is called again to switch to a different form factor, or the session or the set period expires.

  1. On the form modeling bar, click Actions and click New.

    The New action dialog box is displayed.

  2. On the Type list, select Set device.
  3. Change the default Name (SetDevice1) to something meaningful.
  4. Optional. Enter a Description for the action.
  5. Optional. Select Multilingual to configure an unique action for each language separately. See Configure multilingual actions.
  6. On the Device type list, select a variable (form/global) or form control, or click to enter a static value.
  7. For Persistence period, select either option:
    • This session only (default): The form reverts to the actual form factor when you close and reopen the browser.

    • Configurable period: Set the period in days, hours and minutes (default: 0,0,0).

      The form reverts to the actual form factor when the configured period expires.

  8. Click Save.

    The newly created action is added to the table.

  9. Associate the action with the control to trigger this action. See Configure actions for form control events. Alternatively to call this action for a form event, associate the action with the form. See Associate an action with a form.