General controls

TotalAgility supports the following basic form controls.


Use a Label control to add descriptive text to a form.


Use a Textbox control to create a text field where a user can enter information on the form. Also use a text box to display information, such as the result of a formula or the current date.

Multi-line text
Use a Multi-line text control to create a text field that can handle the text that may go beyond one line. For example, a user can enter information on the form, such as customer address.

A Multi-line text control is available for a Desktop, and Phone or Tablet (touch-enhanced and non-touch) form. This control is supported on all forms except for the Device create new job form.


Use Button controls to allow users to perform actions, such as submitting a form, querying a database or approving a loan.

Button controls have a predefined set of events that can be invoked when a user clicks a button.


Use a checkbox control to select a particular option from a number of independent choices.


Use a Table control to organize and arrange information or data into rows and columns.

Dropdown list

Use a dropdown list to ensure that the data entered is valid and to help the user complete a form with the responses that the designer intended.

A drop-down list contains a set of predefined (and usually common) options that can be static (hard-coded), retrieved from a table that is bound through a data connection to a table in a database, retrieved from a lookup or redirected from another form.


Use a Calendar control to help users enter correct and valid dates.

Radio button list

Use a Radio button list control to present multiple options that are mutually exclusive and from which the user must select only one. For example, in the Marital Status radio button list, if the Married radio button is selected, the Single, Divorced and Widowed radio buttons are cleared.


Use a Tab control to group related information on a form. You can configure multiple tab controls on a form and have multiple tabs in each Tab control. Saving an individual tab control saves all tab details.

To manage the data displayed on a tab, use the Tab loaded event for a tab in a Tab control. The Tab loaded event ensures that the data displayed on the tab at runtime is the data entered in other controls for that tab. The event also optimizes the performance of form loading, because the events are only triggered when the user clicks the relevant tab.

Note The events are triggered only once when the user clicks a tab for the first time and not on subsequent clicks. However, events on the first tab of a Tab control are triggered when a form loads because the first tab is loaded and displayed along with the form.


Use a Hyperlink control to provide a link to a URL on a form. For example, a form displaying information about a list of products can include hyperlinks to other web pages displaying more information about those products. Hyperlink controls can point to any web server on the intranet or Internet.


Enhance the look and feel of your forms by adding icons and images to a form or to buttons on a form.

See Button control.


Use a Chart control to add charts to a form, and create a visual representation of data returned from a query. The chart displays a count of items grouped by fields and a total count of items.

Note The Chart control is available for Touch and Non-touch forms, but is not available for MFP forms.

Use a Tile control to view the total returned from a query in a compact way on a dashboard.

Use a List control to show a list of items with swipe options on a phone and tablet. You can add multiple List controls and display them side by side by adding them to multiple columns of a form. A List control is only available for a touch-enhanced Phone or Tablet form; it is not available for a Desktop form.

Horizontal rule

Use a Horizontal rule control to enhance the look and feel of a form and denote a change of context. Using Horizontal rules, you can draw lines across the screen to separate sections of a page.

Capture controls

TotalAgility provides the following capture controls:

  • Text field

  • Check box

  • Combo box

  • Table

You can open a capture form in design view and configure these controls.

Display a Mini-viewer for a capture field on a Document form to quickly view a portion of the image related to the field. When you choose to show a Mini-viewer for a capture field in a Document form, an additional control is added to the selected capture field.
Note The Mini-viewer is not available for a capture Table control.