Configure the TotalAgility actions resulting from Microsoft Dynamics AX events

Configure and execute TotalAgility actions for events occurring in Microsoft Dynamics AX. For example, create an Update event to start a job in TotalAgility whenever an entity instance is updated in Dynamics AX.

In the Integration Server, you can configure the events in the same way as you would do in TotalAgility on-premise. When the event is raised on the integration server, the action is executed on Azure.

The following TotalAgility actions are available for Microsoft Dynamics AX:

  • Change state

  • Create job in case

  • Create new case

  • Create new job

  • Raise event

The following table describes the events in Microsoft Dynamics AX for which you can configure TotalAgility actions:

AX Event



A new instance of an entity is created in the Microsoft Dynamics AX system.


An entity instance is updated in the Microsoft Dynamics AX system.


An entity instance is deleted from the Microsoft Dynamics AX System.