Build an MFP work queue form

An MFP Work queue form is a custom work queue form with the display details or work type specified. This form only displays the MFP-friendly activities.

Note The Embedded page and File upload controls are not available for this form.

See Build MFP forms.

  1. Navigate to User interface > Forms.
  2. On the Generate list, select MFP work queue form.

    The MFP work queue form dialog box is displayed. By default, the standard work queue columns appear.

  3. Optional. Select a Work type.
    The Columns associated with the work type appear.
  4. By default the Form name is displayed as MFPWorkQueue. If you select a work type, the form name is prefixed with work type name (<Work type>MFPWorkQueueForm). Change the default name to something meaningful.
  5. The Category of the form defaults to your working category. However, you can change the category the form should be associated with.
  6. Manage work queue columns as follows:
    1. To exclude a column from the generated form, clear the check box for that column.
    2. To change the display order or position of the columns in the form, use the  arrows on the column header.
    3. Sort the work queue columns.
  7. Click Generate and save to save the generated form. Alternatively, click Generate and release to release the form.

    The generated form appears on the Forms page.

    From the context menu of an MFP work queue form, you can delete, unlock, regenerate and debug a form, and also view versions of a form. See Work with forms and Form debugging.

    Note At runtime, you can search the form based on the search criteria, such as case reference, activity name and process name.

Edit an MFP work queue form

Once an MFP work queue form is generated, you can edit it as needed.

  1. Navigate to User interface > Forms.

    The Forms page appears.

  2. On the list of MFP work queue forms, click the form to open.
    The MFP work queue form opens in a new browser tab. The existing properties of the form are displayed in the properties panel. Additionally, Scan/VRS profile property is available for MFP work queue forms.
  3. Make changes as needed.
  4. Save the form.