Create a Microsoft SharePoint integration site

To enable communications between TotalAgility and a SharePoint site, create a site in TotalAgility that provides the location of the SharePoint server. The location of the SharePoint site in TotalAgility must be the same as the URL being used to access to the SharePoint outside of TotalAgility. You can access the SharePoint site directly or online.

  1. Navigate to Integration > SharePoint.

    The SharePoint page appears.

  2. Click New.

    The New Sharepoint site configuration dialog box is displayed.

  3. Enter an ID for the SharePoint site. The system identifies the SharePoint site with this ID.
    Note You cannot edit the ID once the configuration is saved.
  4. Enter a Display name for the site, such as MySite.
  5. In the Location field, enter the location of the SharePoint server, such as http://hv-rd-wss2007qa:14615/WSS.
  6. For Type, select either option:
    • Online: Enter the User name and Password.

      Note These credentials are used by any SharePoint node configured to use this server, and helps you connect to the site.

    • On-Premise (default): Perform the following steps to configure the direct connection:

      1. In the Web service URL field, enter the name of the TotalAgility web service that is used by SharePoint to communicate with TotalAgility. For example, http://<server name>/TotalAgilitySharepointCommunicator/SharepointCommunicatorService.svc.

      2. Optional. By default, the site can be accessed using a user name and password. To access the site using the System account, select Windows authentication. (Default: Clear)

        If Windows authentication is not selected, specify the User name and Password.

      3. Click Save.

        TotalAgility creates a new site and the site is listed on the SharePoint page. You can update or delete an existing SharePoint site.

      4. To configure events, see Configure and execute TotalAgility actions resulting from SharePoint events.

        Note To enable the action for any assigned events to be performed in TotalAgility, specify the SharePoint site location, without any additional "/" or web page names. For example, specify http://spserver01 or http://spserver01/site1 instead of http://spserver01/ or http://spserver01/Page.aspx.