Create a folder variable

  1. In the New variable dialog box, enter a unique Name for the variable.
    By default, the name of the variable becomes the ID of the variable; however, you can change the ID if needed.
  2. On the Type list, select Folder. (Default: String)
  3. Optional. To use the variable for process initialization, select Initialization.
    Important For a scan-enabled process map, you can set the variable for process initialization only when it has the root folder as its value. However, for a normal process map, the variable value can be a root folder or sub-folder.
  4. On the Value list, select a folder type.

    This is an XML document that contains a reference to the folder type. For example a "Customer Invoice" folder type variable can have a folder type of "Invoice"; at runtime it will contain the instance ID of the actual folder.

  5. Click OK.
  6. Click Save.