Archive finished job

When a job completes (either through natural completion or through termination) it is possible to archive all detail relating to this job from the live tables to the finished tables to improve performance.

The finished jobs can only be archived if the archive mode is manual. See Archive mode in Database settings.

  • If for any reasons the archiving process fails, you can track this information in the Archive job failed entry type in the TotalAgility Workspace audit log, and see the details of the error in the event log.

  • If the jobs are not archived, click the Archive finished jobs link once again.

Tip As a best practice, move finished jobs to separate tables and maintain them in a separate database to manage the database size.

The "Archive finished jobs" setting is selected by default. As a result, once a job is complete, the "Archive jobs" system task moves the job to the archive table. This ensures that your live jobs tables are kept to a minimum and do not continually grow.

We recommend that you move finished jobs to the archive tables or purge them when the jobs complete (or periodically).

If you do not require the history of some jobs, clear the "Record history" setting in the process (Process properties > History, reporting and execution tab).