Locate an item

When you search on a list screen, the content is displayed relevant to the list. If the list of items is large, you can locate an item using the Category filter and Search option on the list page.

This section describes the process of locating a business process. You can locate other items in a similar manner.

  1. Navigate to Workflow > Business processes.

    The Business processes list page displays the processes from your working category.

  2. On the Category list, select All or select the category to which the business process belongs.

    Business processes are listed.

  3. Locate the business process in the list. You can sort the business processes by different columns, such as Locked by, Date modified, and others.

    Alternatively, to further filter down the list, enter the name of the business process in the Search field and click .

    To clear the search, remove the name from the Search field and refresh the list.

Locate an item on a nested list

Certain list pages such as Case definitions, fragments, form variants, Document/Activity variants and Field zoom settings contain items at multiple levels. When you search on any list pages that has items at multiple levels, the search result displays items at all levels. For example, when you search for a string that matches a group and an individual, you get the group (with expander and context menu) and also the individuals listed separately. For ease in identifying, the tooltip for the child items display a tooltip that includes the parent name.