Modeling bar

The modeling bar of an extraction group includes tabs that help in designing an extraction group.


Use this tab to view the information for the extraction group:

  • Info: Displays the basic information for the extraction group:

    • Last modified by: The resource who last modified the extraction group.

    • Last modified date: Date and time the extraction group was last modified.

    • Status: Status of the extraction group upon save or release, such as New, Saved or Released.

    • Version: The current version of the extraction group upon save or release.

    • Tags: The tags that are associated with the extraction group which is saved or released. See Tag an item.

  • Associations: View the extraction group associations.

  • Version history: The versions, resource who modified each version, and the last modified date of each version of the extraction group.

  • Save: Save the extraction group.

  • Release: Release the extraction group.

  • Close: Close the extraction group.

  • Close and unlock: Whenever an extraction group is released, it is locked by default. Use this option to close and automatically unlock the extraction group.


Use this tab to model an extraction group. See Create an extraction group.