Properties of an Activity action button control

Configure the Activity action button control under the following tabs:

No events are available on this control; therefore, you cannot directly associate any actions with it.

Note An Activity action button control applies to desktop, and non-touch mobile and tablet forms.


Property Description


The type of the control.


A unique name for the control.


The supplementary information that displays on hovering the mouse over the control at runtime.


Enables the control at runtime. (Default: Selected)

Security token

Makes the information in the form secure. See Security tokens.


Meaningful text for the control.


Makes the control visible at runtime. (Default: Selected)

Resize to fit

Resizes the image to fit the image space.

Load image from store

  • To use an image from store, select this option, and select the image on the Image path list.
    Note For on-premise, the image needs to reside in the following location:
    <Installation location>\Kofax\TotalAgility\Agility.Server.Web\Forms\Images>
  • To specify a custom image, clear this option, and enter an image name or the URL to the image in the Image path field.
    Note The name must match the name in the database for the image to display at runtime.

Session ID

Validates and identifies the currently logged-on user. Session ID can be a static or dynamic (global or form variable, or form control) value.

Job ID

Validates the job on which the action will be performed. The Job ID can be static or dynamic (global or form variable or form control) value.

Node ID

Validates the node on which the action will be performed. The Node ID can be a form field, form variable or a global variable, or a static value.


The EPC (Embedded Process Count) validates the embedded process node on which the action will be performed.