Configure the verification settings for a document field

Configure fields inside a document field (except tables) to allow for verification before releasing the fields to a back office system. You can select the verification mode and allow a reviewer to edit the field.

  1. Select a field for a field group in a document type and configure the settings in the Verification group.
  2. To display the field on the form at design time and runtime, select Display field for verification. (Default: Clear)
    Note The Table type does not support verification.
  3. Select a Verification mode. Available options are:
    • Confirm (default): In this mode, if the data compared with the image is correct, the user presses a key to accept the data. Once you select this mode, select the User may change field value property to allow or restrict editing a field after the field is accepted (confirmed). (By default the user can edit the field.)
    • Blind double keying: In this mode, the field is displayed with no value and the user must enter a value using the image as a reference. This value is compared with the original value from the last module that ran before verification. If the values do not match, a message appears. Once you select this mode, select the Show field values if no match option to allow a double-keyed field display values if there is a mismatch. (Default: Clear; field values are not displayed.)

      Note Use Blind double keying only for advanced users who will use this information as a guideline and who understand the importance of keying from the image rather than matching the original value.

    • Read-only: In this mode, the field is set to read-only. You cannot edit the field.
  4. Click Save.