Use this tab to assign permissions to resources or groups to restrict or grant access for maintaining a folder.

When you import a process or a form, or upgrade TotalAgility from a previous version which includes folder, the maintenance access for the folder is set to Everyone with Full control.

When you export a package which includes a folder, the access permissions are maintained.

  1. Navigate to Capture > Folders.

    The Folders page appears.

  2. Open the folder for which to assign access permissions.

    The Folder page opens in a new browser tab.

  3. On the properties panel of the folder, click the Maintenance access tab and then click .
  4. On the Name list, select a group or individual whom to assign access permissions.
  5. Select an access Type. Available options are:



    Full control

    Users with this access type can create, modify and delete a folder, and also set and modify the access permissions for other users. By default, the Everyone group has Full control.

    Read write

    Users with this access type can modify and delete a folder, but cannot change the access permissions.


    Users with this access type can only view the folder; they cannot modify or delete the folder or set and change the access permissions for other users.

    Limited to online learning

    Users with this access type can open the folder in the Transformation Designer to update Extraction Online Learning. They can then import New Samples documents that are collected by the Online Learning system, retrain, and resolve conflicts. They can then release the updated extraction group. They cannot modify the design or settings for the extraction group.

    For more information on Extraction Online Learning, refer to the Help for the Transformation Designer.

  6. Click Add.
  7. Assign access permissions to other groups and individuals as needed.
  8. Save or release the folder.